TSQL Tuesday – Changing Times

T-SQL Tuesday is a blog party started by Adam Machanic (b/t) over five years ago. The first Tuesday of each month a blogger hosts the party and suggests a topic. Anyone who is interested blogs on that topic on the second Tuesday. It can be a lot of fun and quite a challenge to blog on a topic you didn’t pick.

This month’s topic is presented by Koen Verbeeck (b/t), who has challenged us to write about “The times they are a-changing”, a response to Will the Cloud Eat my DBA Job? by Kendra Little (b|t).

I previously blogged my Predictions for the future of the DBA role, so I offer these posts as my T-SQL Tuesday submission:

Prediction – The SQL Server DBA Role

Supporting post on why I am embracing PowerShell

Yes Koen, the times are indeed changing, as they have been for years and always will.  Remember, your mobile phone has more power than the best computers 50 years ago.  And when was the last time you actually saw a buggy-whip? 🙂

Anticipate the changes, test the betas, learn the terminology….or be left behind maintaining that old SQL Server 7.0 install in the corner that everyone is scared to touch.

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