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End database issues with our SQL Server Consulting services, including Fractional DBA services, and Emergency Response and Upgrade / Migration projects.

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Every application in your organization has a database. No pressure.

When production databases go down, your business can grind to a halt. People can’t buy products and sometimes employees can’t work. The problem is that the day-to-day administration of your database environment demands more resources as your systems grow in complexity and size. It leaves your DBAs overwhelmed and under-stimulated, if you even have them.


Database issues are often complex, but the solution doesn't have to be.

Stop feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of your database systems.
Instead, start building a sustainable data ecosystem with
the right people, processes, and technologies

We help resolve critical issues such as:

How Does Dallas DBAs Help?

We are experts in SQL Server Administration. Whether you have an upgrade, migration project, or a need for month-to-month support, we’ve designed a service for you.


Pocket DBA® for
Emergency SQL
Server remediation


Upgrade and Migration projects


SQL Server Health Checks when you need an expert system review


Fractional DBA
plans for ongoing

Keeping it simple. Your guide to untangling complex database technology.

Imagine a world where your databases just work: They’re reliable, available, and fast.

Our clients spend their time innovating in their businesses instead of managing the database issues holding them back.



At Dallas DBAs, we ensure your data is backed up and you can restore them successfully. Accidents happen, so we help you minimize the impact.



Do you trust that applications and databases will be up with minimal downtime, no matter the business pressures on your systems? And if your databases do go down, what is your disaster recovery plan? Does it match your RPO/RTO goals?



Once you can rely on your data being available, we ask does it perform the way you need it to. We’ll analyze how your queries are performing, if your indexes match your workloads, and if your maintenance plan is sufficient.

Don't take our word for it

Need Custom Support? Call Us to Create your Plan.

We want to offer assistance that makes sense for you. That’s why we create customized monthly packages. We also make it easy to add off-hours support or emergency remediation services. We have upgrade and migration specialists if you need to modernize.