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SQL Server HealthCheck

Flat rate, 3 levels. Please click the link for details.

Fractional DBA™

If you don’t have a DBA on staff, this is for you.

‘X’ hours per week on an ongoing basis. 6 months, then month-to-month.

  • 5 hours/week minimum – $175/hr. 
  • 10 hours/week minimum – $150/hr. 
  • 15 hours/week minimum – $125/hr.

Primary DBA is a Senior with 10-20+ years of experience. Secondary may be a junior doing daily tasks/monitoring.

Business hours only (7am – 7pm Central). Off hours and weekends are negotiated separately.

Pocket DBA®

DBA retainer service for emergencies.

Time and Materials/Bucket of Hours

Typically for 20-40 hour one-time engagements. $200/hour. Expires after 60 days.

Upgrades, Migrations, etc.

We will help you migrate to new servers, new SQL Server Versions, or to/from the cloud.

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