Wish you could stop SQL Server Surprises?

Our comprehensive Health Checks find trouble lurking within your SQL Server.

Wish You Could Stop Being Surprised by SQL Server Problems?

No one likes to find out at 4am on a Saturday that something is seriously wrong with their SQL Servers. But if you’re not regularly monitoring your system for emerging issues, it’s bound to happen eventually. What you need are regular, comprehensive checks into the health of your data environment.

A Little Insight Goes a Long Way

When you can see problems coming around the corner, it means you can better plan to address them, and even start strategizing for long-term improvements.

With a SQL Server Health Check, we identify issues at the installation and database level that may be putting data at risk or slowing your application performance. We investigate areas that are prone to causing the problems that stop you from getting work done:

Why Are SQL Server Health Checks Important?

We believe regular Health Checks prove that an ounce of prevention is worth an pound of cure.

Protect your data environment

Save time & resources through pre-emptive problem solving

Ensure optimum performance

Prepare your system for upgrades

Health Check Options

Work with a Senior DBA with 10-20+ years of experience and the skills to spot growing issues within your data platform. We recommend starting with a more thorough Level 2 or 3 Health Check, then completing regular Level 1 checks to maintain the health of your data environment.

Level 01 | 2-3 Hours

$500 / Prepaid

Most popular option

Level 02 | 8 Hours

$2,500 / 50% Prepaid

Level 03 | 16 Hours

$5,000 / 50% Prepaid

What Our Clients Say

“Hello Kevin, and thank you both for all of your help getting our SQL environment sorted out. I’m happy to say that the issues we had prior to contacting you have not recurred since you got involved, and things seem to be running better. We appreciate your efforts.”
“Kevin was great and pinpointed the exact problem we had in very little time. Will certainly recommend him as a MS-SQL expert.”
Amir, South Africa

Ready for Your Check Up?