The Ironic DBA—My First Year as a DBA [Part 4]

My Favorite and Recommended Training Resources

As I’ve been in intense, focused SQL Server training for the last year, I thought it would be a great time to share links to the resources I’ve gathered over the preceding months. To be clear, I’ve not yet had the chance to use all of these resources, but have saved them for future use. So, I can’t guarantee that all of these resources are of equal value or quality. Some types of presentations will appeal to you in various degrees based on your learning style.

I’m not going to list many specific blogs or non-dedicated training resources, but there’s a wealth of information out there if you search for it. One of the best things you can do is jump on Twitter and follow the #sqlhelp and #sqlfamily hashtags to find some of the best minds in the SQL community. You should also join the SQL Community Slack channel and get involved.

Basics for Beginners and Accidental DBAs

Kevin’s Getting Started with Your First SQL Server Instance on Pluralsight.

Though it’s not out yet—but should be very soon—Kevin has a new class on Getting Started with SQL Server Maintenance coming out on Pluralsight that is the perfect next step once you’ve completed his first class.

You should also check out Kevin’s YouTube channel for an array of quick videos on many basic SQL Server concepts you should know.

And to finish tooting our own horn here at Dallas DBAs, you should read all the posts in the Accidental DBA category here on the blog.

For the first of many links to Brent Ozar materials, I suggest starting with his DBA Training Plan series of blog posts to get grounded.

I highly recommend the Accidental DBA Series at SQL Skills. Prepare to go a lot deeper and take your time with these posts. I should probably go back and re-read all of these myself.

SQL Server Tutorial has a nice collection of beginner-level tutorials to help you get a grasp on concepts.

You should definitely subscribe to PASS’s DBA Fundamentals Virtual Group. You can peruse the meeting archive to find past webinars on a variety of topics.

You can learn about SQL Server, Azure, and more at Microsoft Learn.

Check out Kendra Little’s Training Plan for Junior DBAs Learning SQL Server, as well as her Dear SQL DBA series.

Topical Overviews

The SQL Server Central Stairways series covers everything from Azure to U-SQL and more. There’s no particular order to climb these stairways, but some will require more previous knowledge than others.

Microsoft has a collection of SQL Server and Azure Labs and Workshops available for free.

Online Classes, Webinars, and Streams

Get a grasp on the basic of indexes and how they work with Brent’s How to Think Like the SQL Server Engine.

Speaking of Brent Ozar, we got in on his Black Friday sale last year for his Recorded Class Season Pass, and it has been a fantastic experience. Not only is Brent a top-notch presenter and teacher, he constantly updates the classes with his latest live presentation, which means you can re-watch the class every few months and learn about different aspects of the topic at hand based on class participant questions.

You can see all the content from past SQL Bits conferences. There’s over 900 videos available spread across dozens of SQL and data-related topics.

Here’s a handful of SQL Server related channels you should definitely get subscribed to today:

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