DBA Fundamentals at SQLSaturday Cincinnati

I will be teaching my all day “DBA Fundamentals” pre-con at SQL Saturday Cincinnati on March 16, 2018.   There is a $125 fee for this class, which includes lunch.  Possibly a cool DBA t-shirt as well…

This class is targeted at pretty much everyone that wants to know more about how SQL Server works and is not an experienced DBA.

Probable topics (I adjust on the fly depending on time…) can be viewed on the registration page.

Some unedited comments from previous attendees:

DBA Fundamentals comments

I love that one at the bottom!

If you are unsure if this class is for you, email me or ping me on Twitter…I want you to get your money’s worth! Or, check out this promo video I made to help you decide.

If you are anywhere near Cincinnati but can’t/don’t want to do pre-cons, come to the Saturday events…everything is free except for lunch!

Thanks for reading.


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