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This seems to be running around Twitter today, so why not 🙂 (inspired by Kenneth Fisher’s post here)

What are the various database job roles and respective hiring requirements at your company?

I am a contractor at a very large client (name withheld), so lets pretend I actually work there. On my team, we have .Net Developers, ETL developers, business analysts and administrators (Database, O/S and storage).  Hiring requirements include mid-senior level skill set, willingness to work a task to completion and being extremely thorough.  Accuracy is far better than speed.

Describe an entry level job and the hiring requirements at your company?

We just hired a junior DBA that hasn’t even started yet.   2 years of experience, but interviews like a 4-5 year veteran.  I asked questions that can only be known from experience, instead of just memorizing certification questions.  Personality is a big part of it, since this is a small team within a global company.

What is your job role? 

I am a Senior SQL Server DBA/Team lead.  I herd all of the Administrative cats, and report to the team Senior Manager.  When it goes bad, or we make a mistake I take the bullet.   When it goes well, we share the glory.

What is your background?

I got a BBA in Finance with an Accounting minor from the University of North Texas in 1991.   Did that type of work for 7 years before flipping to IT (see below)

Describe the path that led you to this job role.

I started my professional career as a Financial Analyst for an Inventory Finance firm, including roles in the field, the office and as a team lead.  After a layoff I worked my way into IT as an Access developer, then into SQL Development and then on to Admin.   I have been Full-time, contract, independent and unemployed.   Still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

Give me an example of an interview question that you would ask an entry level applicant, and explain what you would look for in a response.

Assuming DBA, after the “get to know you” part, I will ask basic questions about backups, restores, other maintenance items, etc.  I actually have a post here directed specifically to Junior DBAs.  Most of these will be in the entry level DBA interview…just to gauge experiences more than test knowledge so I know what I will be teaching them

An interview of me was done here if you want to know more about me…

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