2018 Highlights and 2019 Goals

Happy New Year!

They say focus on the positive and make your goals public, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do here!

Dallas DBAs had a great 2018, by every measurable category.  No formal goals were laid out, other than “don’t close the doors” and “help people”.

The stats:

  • 7 new clients added – mix of short-term and long-term
  • 1 customer carried from 2017 into the year and 3 extensions signed for 2019
  • 21K views/115K minutes watched on our YouTube channel
  • 26,415 page views on DallasDBAs.com
  • 1 new employee added (part-time Junior DBA)
  • 2 new contractors working on skills not in house (Power BI and SQL Dev)
    • 3 other sub-contractor agreements signed
  • 1 SQL Saturday sponsored (Dallas, May) with a booth (many others at the “personal” level)
  • 2 Pre-conference sessions and 2 regular session presentations given at SQL Saturdays (Cincy and Dallas)
  • 3 scripts updated or added to the Microsoft Technet Gallery
  • 2 Databases rescued from corruption issues (Thanks Red-Gate!)
  • 6 free HealthChecks
  • At least $12 in net profit

The goals for 2019:

  • 6 new long-term part time DBA support clients
  • Add one Senior SQL Server DBA to staff
    • Add one apprentice to this DBA
  • Add one new Oracle DBA to the team
  • Sponsor 2 SQL Saturdays with a booth (Dallas and Cincy)
  • Deliver “DBA Fundamentals” training for free once per quarter (Cincy, Dallas(?), Q3/Q4 TBA)
  • 30K views/180K minutes on YouTube channel
    • 6 new videos – Accidental DBA target audience
  • 40K Hits on DallasDBAs.com
  • At least $13 net profit
  • 12 Free HealthChecks, bare minimum once a month

The things we put in place this year have worked well, so I may be fudging the number too conservatively for 2019.  Check back next year…we may actually hit $14 net profit!

Thanks for reading!


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