TIL: Duplicate Registered Server Entries

@SQLDork continues to make my brain hurt with questions like these – Ed.

So i’m doing my usual set of work, and i think to myself, “What would happen if i made two registered server entries that point to the same server?”. Naturally, i asked Kevin (b|t) for his thoughts on it, and naturally, he told me to test it, so i did:

Running SELECT @@Servername against both these groups gives these results:

Interestingly enough, there’s that _2 appended to the second copy of server SQLPD07, which means somebody at Microsoft (t) thought this same thing at some point, so they included it in the SSMS code.

That’s all i (b|t) got for this post, this is just the part where i link to my twitter several times more than necessary, because reasons

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Kevin and Liz

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