The Apprentice: Non-SQL stuff that SQL Server depends on

The apprentice and I gathered at my house Sunday evening for a bit of training.   I gave him some homework ahead of time to go look up RAID and the most common levels.

Yep…we spent an hour standing/sitting in my kitchen discussing RAID 0/1/10/5/5+1, etc.

And Spinning disks vs. SSD

And Memory (including addresses)

And CPUs

And SAN vs. DAS vs. internal

And how SQL Server uses all of these items.

And how the costs associated with these choices vary from client to client.

And how it is perfectly acceptable to blame the storage team for anything up to and including your lunch being stolen from the office fridge. 😉

We never even started the SQL Services…went old school with pen and paper to map things out.

Short one today, thanks for reading!


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