T-SQL Tuesday: Cookies…we love cookies!

T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blog party for the SQL Server community. It is the brainchild of Adam Machanic (b|t).  This month’s edition is hosted by The Shane (b|t) who has challenged us to Dip Into the Cookie Jar of Goodness we use in order to think back about our accomplishments and take some sustenance from them.  When things suck, it helps to remember that there are White Chocolate Macadamia nut times as well

I have a number of accomplishments (and failures) in my career, pre-IT and as a SQL DBA.  Short list:

  • I learned a few decades ago (when we first got email) to keep an “Ego” folder and put any customer, co-worker and management kudos emails into it.  Even on a good day, go in there and read things.   Also, they help on Performance Reviews.
  • When I first successfully troubleshat a SQL Server replication issue for a customer (during my first Microsoft contract…)
    • That one was a CritSit call from a Premier customer and I knew the answer before they were actually on the phone
  • When I migrated a customer from full-blown Access 97 to SQL 2000 backend/Access .adp front-end and everything was so fast they thought it was broken
  • When a projector failed during my first SQL Saturday presentation (about DR) and I played it off like it was no big deal.   NOBODY knew that was my first talk 🙂
  • The first time someone paid my sticker price consulting rate and thanked me for it
  • When I trained some front-line engineers on Log Shipping nothing more than a white board and 2 different colored markers
  • That day I discovered Starbucks, signed a contract, then discovered Starbucks again.   I’m writing this from a Starbucks….just FYI.
  • …and so many more, because I’m old.

Thanks for reading!


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