T-SQL Tuesday #99 : Dealer’s Choice

Welcome to my contribution to the 99th installment of T-SQL Tuesday, where Aaron Bertrand (b|t) gives us a choice to spread our wings and talk about our personal passions OR…play it safe and talk about our favorite T-SQL bad habit.  This whole T-SQL thing is all Adam’s fault, btw 🙂

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know me more as SQL Cyclist than Kevin3NF.  I grabbed that name because it was cool, and well…I’ve been riding bikes since I was 3 years old.  I’m waaaay older than that now, and still riding.  My racing days are pretty much over, but the passion is still there!

I started out just riding in the neighborhood as most kids do, jumping ramps, skidding, wheelies, etc.  All the normal kid stuff.  Did a little BMX in the 80’s.  I moved into road bikes, track racing and eventually added mountain biking into the mix, which has become my favorite.

In the last 15 years I’ve gotten more and more involved:

  • Started road racing in 2004 (5)
  • Raced on the local velodrome for 5 years
  • Started coaching juniors racers as a certified USA Cycling coach
  • Became a local level USAC official
  • Started the North Texas chapter of an International Club
  • Started racing endurance mountain bike races (6+ hours)
  • Raced Cyclocross for a couple of years
  • Set a course record with a friend on the back of his tandem

I’ve had to dial it back lately for work, family and physical reasons…but the passion is still there.  Come to my house in July…and if you can’t tell me who is leading each category in “The Tour” you will be relegated to snack fetching duty as punishment 😉

And now, on to a small portion of the tons of favorite pictures:

Warming up a kid I coached…he’s a marine now

Hollering last second instructions to one of the very few young ladies I coached…she’s in college now…

I left Lee’s watermark in just to aggravate him 😉

Best looking track bike I ever rode…

2 State Champions and the team Rookie of the year

Do what I say LANDON!!!!

Dude in the middle should and could have gone pro mountain bike…

The most air I ever got without crashing…

Met this cool old guy that actually had some skillz…the dog’s name is Casey.
He’s a good doggo

My view for 54 miles from the tandem…

Rallying the troops at the start of the DFW area MS150 fundraiser ride.


That’s a small part of who I am when not being a DBA.  The MUCH bigger part is being a husband, father and grandfather…hands down.

Thanks for reading!






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