SQL Server is not a Car

Lets compare them anyway, just for fun.

  • Both have an engine
  • Both have a monitoring device (Dashboard/Activity Monitor)
  • Both need power (Gas/Electricity)
  • Both need to be told what do to (start/drive, add Databases/code)
  • Both need to be properly secured (Locked / security best practices)

SQL Server maintenance – Car maintenance;

  • Index defragmentation – Fill up on gas. Generally not needed every day, but regularly, depending on your workload/driving habits
  • Backups – Car Insurance. Sure, you can drive without insurance but what if you crash, or someone steals it (ransomware?)
  • Corruption Check – body check – look for rust, corrosion, scratches, etc. Database corruption may not always impact your app, but eventually could lead to data loss.
  • Statistics updating – air pressure in the tires. You should do this every day, but if you want to drive around on 10lbs of pressure, go for it!
  • Index and Query tuning – Oil change. Review your performance metrics regularly as workload and app functionality change. Indexes need tuning to keep the engine from locking up.

What would you add to this list of essentials, to keep your SQL Server/Car running?

Thanks for reading!


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