SQL Saturday Dallas 2019

Dallas DBAs is a Gold Sponsor of SQL Saturday Dallas

June 1, 2019

Richardson, Texas


Dallas DBAs is pleased to announce that we are upgrading our sponsorship of our “home” SQL Saturday event from Silver in 2018 to Gold level in 2019!

Why the change?

We believe in the mission, membership and management of the North Texas SQL Server User Group and want to give it as much support as possible.

Also, a Gold Sponsorship allows Lead SQL Server DBA Kevin Hill to present his session during the lunch hour:

“Your SQL Servers are Mi$ConFiguReDed”

Come to this session to learn the 5 or 6 most common mistakes that are made when SQL Server is installed.  While you eat fajitas!

Even if you miss the lunch session to attend a different one, stop by our booth to grab some swag and talk to Kevin, Derek, Kaitlyn, or Jeff.  We don’t do hard sell, but we will have a “SQL Saturday Show Special” to offer you.

Just for fun…here’s a picture from last year:

We will be raffling off something either really cool, or valuable, or both. Make sure you drop your SpeedPass raffle ticket in the jar and stick around all day.  You must be present to win any raffle items from any sponsor.

If you are thinking of coming, make sure to register HERE. If you have already registered and are not able to come, make sure to cancel your registration and open up that spot for someone else. Thanks!

As an added bonus we have convinced Jeff from Ignis Images to come back this year to do event photography and “quick” headshots in front of the SQL Saturday backdrop!  If you want a more professional shot, you need this service!

See you there!

The Dallas DBAs team


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