Announcement: Pocket DBA™ service

Several months ago, we posted a blog about keeping a Database Administrator on retainer for emergencies, called “Put a DBA in Your Pocket

We cross-posted a version over to LinkedIn at the same time.

The response to both was overwhelmingly positive!

So much so that we are bringing this idea on as a new service offering, effective today!

This service comes with different levels for different needs and budgets.  It is primarily intended for you to be able to get a quick response from someone you trust (that’s us…) when bad things happen to your database server, which they eventually will.  Its the nature of tech.

In addition to being there for emergencies, you also get some periodic proactive benefits as well.

All of the pricing, benefits and terms are on the Pocket DBA™ page, separate from our current Services page.

Launch Special:  All new customers that sign up in February qualify for special rates and additional benefits… This is a limited-time offer, please message me directly for more details.

Contact us today with any questions, or to grab one of those 3 early-adopter spots!

This service is only available to US businesses at this time.

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