PASS Summit 2017

PASS Summit 2017

PASS Summit is the largest gathering of SQL Server developers, admins, vendors and MS product people in the world.

I’m making my third trip to Seattle next week for this festival of brain-melting, best friends making insanity.   For those not in the know, there is FAR more going on over the 3 official days of the conference than any person can possibly consume.  From all day pre-conferences, to multiple sessions across multiple time slots, to just chilling in the community zone, there is ALWAYS something to do, see or learn.  Plus the vendor area and their unofficial evening events.

As with last year, I have planned out my schedule, knowing full well that I will probably skip at least one session a day to just network with other members of the #sqlfamily, or even just be a new friend to someone that is on their first trip and looking very overwhelmed.

I have also volunteered to be the “host” of the Thursday night Game Night…set up for those that either are not into or just need a night off from the bar scene but still want to be around others.   Lots of board and card games available, or bring your own and teach your new friends.

I might even attend the unofficial #SQLRun on Wednesday morning.

I think so highly of this conference and the opportunities available that I pay my own way.   As with last year, I will not be paid while there (contractor blues), unless a client needs me to resolve an emergency.   Conference fee, airfare, parking, Uber, hotel, food, beverages, etc.   This will cost me several thousand in non-income and expenses.

Worth. Every. Penny.

A short list of people I want to meet or see again:

  • Jen and Sean
  • Shane
  • Brent
  • Pinal
  • Dave M
  • David K
  • Ola Last Name not needed
  • Bob Ward
  • Rie
  • Andy
  • Alex
  • Sooooo many others 🙂

And I’ll do it again next year, Lord willing and the clients don’t dry up in between 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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