Ola log backup job failure

I had a log backup job that was not failing, and was also not backing up logs:

EXECUTE [DBA].[dbo].[DatabaseBackup]
@Databases = 'USER_DATABASES. model',
@Directory = 'D:\Backups\KBH-Precision_SQL2016',
@BackupType = 'LOG',
@Verify = 'Y',
@CleanupTime = NULL,
@CheckSum = 'Y',
@LogToTable = 'Y'

Older version of Ola. Newer versions give this:

Date and time: 2021-09-28 14:56:12
Version: 13.0.5026.0
Edition: Developer Edition (64-bit)
Platform: Windows
Procedure: [DBA].[dbo].[DatabaseBackup]
Parameters: Removed for cleanliness
Version: 2020-12-31 18:58:56
Source: https://ola.hallengren.com
The following databases in the @Databases parameter do not exist: [USER_DATABASES. model].
Date and time: 2021-09-28 14:56:12
Completion time: 2021-09-28T14:56:12.6474426-05:00


Watch those typos, kids!

Thanks for reading!


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