Love Good, condemn evil

This post very much reflects the opinions of and its ownership.

All people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Period.

You and I may be on opposite sides of some spectrum or another – political, religious, racial, or any of the other classifications we have decided to break ourselves up into these days.  But, I will treat you with the same respect as a fellow human as I would my family and friends.

These divisions are all subsets of “human.”  Whether you are a White-Christian-Straight-Male or a Transgender-Liberal-Atheist-African American makes zero difference to me.

We can:

  • disagree on many things, yet still find a common ground.
  • discuss without arguing
  • debate without name-calling
  • co-exist without violence.

There are so many pressing needs in this world to direct our energies to that we simply cannot afford to waste time throwing sticks and stones at each other.  You will never change anyone’s opinion through violence and hate speech, in person or online.

We condemn all violence against others…not just in Charlottesville, but everywhere.



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