Stories from the HealthCheck – part 4

This week I have been highlighting the top items that I see on almost every SQL Server I run across that need to be changed in almost every instance.

If you know me at all, or have read anything from me, you probably already know what’s coming – 

Number 4, for Freaky Friday:


  • No indexes – bad – everything is slow
  • Lots of indexes – bad – everything is slow, despite having some great indexes
  • Duplicate indexes – bad – everything is slow and there is no benefit
  • Unused Indexes – bad – the junk drawer of SQL Server needs some attention
  • Goldilocks indexes (the just right ones) – Great!

You guys are great, and I applaud you for making the effort…but indexes are hard. The idea is easy, but the implementation is hard to get right and it changes over time with your workload.

New features and changing traffic patterns can mess up a perfectly good index strategy.  Reviewing your indexes is like getting your oil changed in the car – do it regularly or risk everything grinding to a halt.

EVERY HealthCheck I have done since starting Dallas DBAs has pointed out that an indexing project was desperately needed.  Some better than others, but they all needed help.

Please – Seek help! (DBAs…see what I did there?)

Thanks for reading!


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