Free SQL Server DBA training – Dallas 2019

Save the Date!

September 18, 2019 – Dallas, TX

8am – 5pm, lunch provided (probably pizza or Jason’s Deli)

Thanks to the awesome folks at Matrix Resources for donating their training room, we are able to offer a one-day DBA Fundamentals training class at NO charge!

This class is designed to be an overview of SQL Server for non-DBAs.  System Admins, developers, Oracle DBAs, Managers and anyone else that wants or needs to know more about how SQL Server works, We have presented this day of training at multiple SQL Saturday events as a pre-conference session.

Previous attendees said:

  • “Very Good excitement & interest in topic”
  • “Very engaging, knowledgeable, friendly.  Good session”
  • “Very informative and gave real life experiences.”
  • “I enjoyed the broad explanations helpful to beginners as well as those who are already DBA’s.”
  • “Kevin/Instructor was very knowledgeable and the information shared in the presentation was clear; presented well. I like the fact that it included to bases for those that were new to SQL”
  • “Perfectly fits the entry level need for understanding SQL Server.”
  • “Easy to understand.”
  • “First 7 or 8 hour presentation that I have ever been to where I did not drift off from the presentation mentally. This presentation kept me 100% engaged every minute.”

Check out this promo video to get an idea of what we will be learning:

Or, the non-video version:

I will teach you SQL Server fundamentals so that you will have confidence in:

• What makes up a SQL Server

• How a database is structured

• How to install and what to look out for

• Finding what you need in Management Studio

• SQL Security Basics

• How to create and manage backups

• How to create a database

• Picking a Disaster Recovery option for your environment

* topics may change on the fly depending on what the class wants

These are taught from a foundational standpoint, in simple to understand terms so that you can build on them with confidence. My teaching is heavy on interaction, with examples from years of experience/mistakes. There will be a mix of slides and demos. I’ll skip many advanced features that are out of scope of a beginner class, as I don’t want your head to explode! Join me for the day and you will walk out with a strong grasp of SQL Admin basics!

A word of caution – if you are already a SQL Server DBA with even a year of experience, you may be very bored in this class…

A special thank you to Pam Gates for helping reserve this training room at no charge to Dallas DBAs, so that we can offer this class for free!

Sign up here! There are only 24 spots available, due to the size of the TV I will be projecting onto.  I might open up more once I go in person and see if the farthest seats can see the screen clearly.

Thanks, and we look forward to meeting you!

Kevin3NF and the Dallas DBAs team





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