I was participating in an email interview about my SQL career and opinions and one of the questions was basically “What’s the worst SQL thing you’ve inherited?”

I gave them this list:

o   SQL 2008 R2, RTM
o   Incorrect Memory configuration
o   Full recovery model on data that only changes once a week at most
o   ZERO documentation
o   New data is imported to a new table and a UNION ALL is modified to add that table
o   ZERO documentation
o   Stored Procedures have no comments, poor formatting and developer names in the name of the sproc
o   Autogrow is 1MB, data imports are hundreds of MB each
o   Everyone is sysadmin, probably including you…
o   Change control process is intentionally shortcut and ignored on this internal production system

o   Ownership changed to me in December, then was yanked back 3 weeks later with developers overwriting my fixes in prod.

Really….all that on one server!

Upgrade your fries broseph!!!


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