Determine an Index Size in SSMS

Quick post today…I needed to find a quick way to get the size of a specific index without using T-SQL.

Tables are easy…right-click>>Properties>>Storage.   Indexes don’t have a storage option.   You can get the sum of all indexes on a table from the “Disk Usage by Top Tables” built-in report, but not one by one.

To do it in the SSMS GUI, expand the Database>>Tables>>Indexes:

SQL Index Table Size


Right-Click the index in question, select “Properties”, then “Fragmentation.”:

index fragmentation

As we know, pages are 8KB, so now its just a simple math problem:

46236 pages x 8 KB /1024 to get to MB = 361 MB (rounded for conversation’s sake):

SQl Server Index size calculator

If you need more than one, but not all…you’re going to need to Google up some T-SQL to run.  I found a variety of ways to do it, and didn’t like any of them.

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