Degrees and Trade Schools

Can we normalize a couple of things?

1 – Trade Schools. Back in the 80’s trade classes in high school and post high school were frowned upon, or looked down upon. Is that still a thing? It shouldn’t be.

I’ve had to rely on the expert skills of roofers, a plumber, HVAC experts, an electrician and auto mechanics all in the last 3 months. Every one of them was expert level in the trade as well as customer service.

2 – Not requiring degrees for non-degree level work.

Case in point, DBA work. If you have technical aptitude and a desire to learn, you can be a great DBA. I have three people on my team that came into IT as DBAs. Not the normal route, but its working just fine.

I get that degrees are a resume filter…but you miss out on amazing people that way.

Let me hear your thoughts!



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