Data Bits – Episode 1 – Shane O’Neill

Introducing Data Bits – the podcast (ignore mentions of ‘Data Points’ – someone else already used that!)

First live guest episode – feel free to laugh at how hilariously bad we were at this 🙂  SQL Server, Surfing, Billiards, Beer…

Hopefully I will be able wrangle more people from all parts of the data world into being guests – SQL Server, Oracle, DBA, Dev, BI, industry legends and people just getting started!


Denny Cherry (b|t) / Alan Hirt (b|t) / David Klee (b|t) / / DBA Fundamentals VG / SQL Bits / Steve Jones (b|t) / Matt Cushing (b|t) / Erik Darling (b|t) / NoColumnName / Pinal Dave (b|t) / Adam Machanic (b|t) / sp_whoisactive / DBATools

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