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“Work Smarter, not Harder”

We’ve all heard it before, pretty much any job, anywhere.

In our DBA slice of the IT world, this is very relevant to how we manage SQL Servers and the databases on them.

From scripts to check for Bad Things™, to writing efficient code.

In this video, I show a simple way to get SQL Server generate scripts you can run.  In this case I needed to run the same command against a large number of databases. Running it manually, or worse, doing it in the GUI is just not an option.  Enjoy!

The code that I will now use as a starter script:

-- Don't run this if you don't understand it 100%

Select 'ALTER Database ['+[name]+'] set Page_Verify Checksum, recovery Full, auto_shrink off;
From master..sysdatabases
Where DBID > 4

Thanks for reading!


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