3rd Party Applications Have Issues

As a SQL DBA, what do you do when a vendor application has performance problems that are code related?

Server settings don’t generally seem to be an issue.

Queries and vendor code…total hands off. I just point at code and say “There’s a great choice for optimizing in your next update!”

Indexes are the “Sticky Bits” in between client data and vendor code.

Seems like we get 30 indexes, or zero. Neither is usually right.

I get it…how do you tune an app for every possible use case for any client that may install it?

I always have my client get the official rules from the vendor. We don’t want to break an upgrade, or void a support agreement.

In some cases we’ve had to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” our way into a solution with undo/redo scripts for very necessary indexes.

What do you do when tuning a 3rd party app?


— Kevin

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