New Year’s Resolutions Kill Log Shipping!

New Year’s resolutions kill Log Shipping!

ok…funniest issue I’ve run across in a while 🙂

We have some custom log shipping script that was working just fine until the end of 2006. Starting around January 2, the restore process couldn’t restore fast enough to keep the standby server current.

I looked at the T-Log files for the last 2 weeks and saw that the T-log backups between 3 and 5 am were 2 to 3 times the size they used to be.

Why? Because the customer here is a national Fitness center business that had a huge influx of memberships and activities 🙂

People trying to lose weight broke log shipping.

The fix? Run the restore process more often (it was only running off hours).

You get fries AND a low-fat shake with this one…


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