Fun with the overnight crew…

Dateline: Sunday morning, 2:30am (my week on call)…

Kevin3NF: {snort} thisiskevin
Caller: Hey man…sorry to wake you but we have some t-log backups failing for Acme Widgets
Kevin3NF: whatstheerrormessagein the job (waking up a bit, not out of bed)
Caller: I can’t find the job in the SQL Agent job list
Kevin3NF: WhatIsTheExactAlertFromNetIQ? (slightly clearer now)
Caller: SQL Task failed: ‘Backup Job 17’ failed
Kevin3NF: The job list is alphabetical…did you sort by name?
Caller: Yeah…but theres like 2000 jobs…most have numbers and letters and stuff
Kevin3NF: Those are reporting services jobs…just ignore them and look for the Backup job
Caller: I’m looking for Job 17, but its not in the ‘J’s
Kevin3NF: Did you look under ‘B’, since the job’s name starts with ‘Backup…’ ?
Caller: silence
Caller: I’m an idiot
Kevin3NF: Goodnight.
Caller: Click
Kevin3NF: snore.

Still makes me laugh…I went back to sleep knowing I would post this little 2 minute interaction 🙂


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