You did what?

You did what?

This one comes from inside….

We got an alert that the Log Shipping was out of sync for a customer. Our front-line guy looked and saw that the LS Restore job was still running after 35 minutes when it normally takes less than 30 seconds.

He decided it was hung and cancelled it. Restarting the job caused immediate errors.

Why? The restore was working on a 1.4 gb t-log backup file, instead of the normal 4-5mb. Cancelling it puts the database in a suspect state. had to drop the db and re-initialize from a full database backup.

Ugh. Glad it wasn’t any bigger than 7gb…since the file/restore had to move halfway across the country.

No fries for you “M from M”…you owe me some!

Disclaimer: this is a pretty sharp guy and I’m just harassing him here…


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