2020 Year In Review

TL;DR – It was great and not great

I think we can all pretty much agree that in some regards 2020 was horrible, globally.

So lets move on…

Good stuff:

COVID-19 Vaccines are hitting the market and being distributed!

Boeing 737 MAX is cleared to fly again (Boeing is a Dow 30 component and LOTS of people are employed there or by Boeing suppliers)

US Presidential election appears to be settled (if you want to go all political on this, see you on Twitter!)

We moved the Dallas DBAs Global HQ in Q3 2020. (I moved…we all WFH, there is no physical presence)

Dallas DBAs specific stuff:

  • New customers added in 2020: 29 (+52%)
  • Sales: +28% over 2019
    • Analysis – COVID forced us to take smaller projects, but more of them
  • Pocket DBA customers: +100%
  • Website clicks (blog posts and other pages): +83%
    • Some of this from more advertising/marketing
    • MUCH of it from Jeff (b|t) and Liz (t) adding to the blogs
  • Website clicks over to Tim Mitchell’s (b|t) page: 618 (+38%, number 1 overall site visited from ours)
  • Blog posts: 42 ( down 30%…writing is hard, lol)
  • YouTube:
    • Views + 78%
    • Hours watched: +82%
    • Subscribers: +124%
    • 4 new videos – videos are hard
      • Feel free to suggest a video topic in the comments (something I can cover in 10-20 minutes, beginner DBA stuff)
  • Kevin started the Data Bits podcast and needs to get back on it!
  • Number of employees: 3 – no new hires and NO LAYOFFS!
  • Kevin released a followup Pluralsight video
    • Look for a new one in 2021 as well. Maybe 2 if I get energetic and time permits


It was a good year for the company. We were able to pivot quickly and offer services that matched the newly shrunken/frozen budgets of our clients and market. We only had one that had to stop a project and I anticipate them picking it back up in 2021.

Personally – we are all healthy here, and that’s a good thing. 2 folks in my extended family contracted COVID but recovered (mostly). I was able to pick up the cycling miles and have a home gym installed in the new home’s garage for throwing some weights around from time to time…gotta keep healthy!

Thanks for reading!


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