We need a Senior MySQL DBA

From time to time, clients of Dallas DBAs ask for help with MySQL and we don’t currently have anyone with that skill set on our team.

I’m looking for someone that can take ad hoc, part time projects when they arise on an hourly basis.

Ideally, an independent contractor/freelancer. Senior level (10+ years)


  • 1099
  • US Citizen or Green Card (legally able to work in the US)
  • Excellent communication skills
    • English does not have to be your first language, but fluency is a must
  • Senior level skills that we can verify
  • Willing to teach, document, etc. as well as fixing issues
  • This will almost always be remote work
  • $100-150+/hr, depending on your skills and the clients’ budgets

NO recruiters or 3rd parties at this time.

Email your PDF resume, LinkedIn Profile, etc. to Kevin@DallasDBAs.com

Thanks for reading!


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